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What is Coworking?

Coworking is a style of work space that involves a shared working environment, yet independent activity. Unlike the typical office environment, a coworking space is generally shared by individuals from different organizations and professions.

Why Coworking?

With the rise of self-employment and home based businesses,  collaborative work spaces can bridge the gap between your home office and traditional office space. We are social creatures and in order to function at our best, we have to have a certain amount of social interaction.  Deprive us of this and we tend to shrink in on ourselves instead of expanding our thinking.

If you work at home, you know the cons. Sometimes it can feel isolating or distracting. Receiving all your business mail at your home means you are giving your home address out to anyone who asks, and separating work from home life is a challenge.

Working in a shared work environment gives you a professional space where you can be more productive… and potentially more prosperous. Another benefit is, it is inherently more economically sustainable, and shared resources means that it’s more eco-friendly.

Coworkers can also take advantage of meeting and conference rooms to do conduct professional meetings and workshops. Coworking allows members to network and connect with a like-minded group of people for ideas, feedback, and resources. The fact is that when you are in an environment that appeals to you and inspires you, you can’t help but be more creative and more productive.


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