4 Essential Steps To Grow Your Business Through Networking In A Coworking Setting

There are so many networking opportunities that can be had when working at a coworking setting. Many people miss these opportunities because they have their nose in a wireless device working on a project. While that’s great for business, you’re missing a huge networking opportunity. It doesn’t hurt to have a conversation with fellow co-workers to spread awareness about your business. It’s easy to do this in a respectful manner without sounding salesy.

Here are a few tips to grow your business network through coworking:

Be Conversational

This doesn’t mean give your best sales pitch. This means having friendly conversations with others in your coworking community. Find a topic of mutual interest and let a friendship grow from there. After a while it may develop into business growth opportunities. Don’t force, let it happen on its own.

Find Work Trade Opportunities

When someone in the community offers you something for your business, it’s the perfect time to add value in return for something they need. The perfect example of this is a content writer and a graphic designer swapping services. These businesses typically work hand-in-hand. If you’re a writer, you need eye-catching graphics. If you’re a graphic designer, you need content. There are many work trade opportunities that can be found in coworking spaces.

Share Knowledge

You don’t have to give away all of your business secrets but being open and helping others out can go a long way in developing relationships to grow your business. The more you open up and share knowledge, the more likely you will be seen as an influencer. This is key to growing your business.

Create Promotional Materials

Small and useful office supplies that have your business name and URL can be very beneficial. Items such as pens and Post-It notes can be left in a break room for others to use for free. These items create awareness without face-to-face promotion.


A coworking space can be so much more than just another place to work. There is so much potential for networking within a coworking space. For this to be done properly, you must be authentic and not delivering a sales pitch.

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