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Hold meetings with others across the globe right here in Salt Lake City with Avanti’s video conferencing technology. Whether your business partner is in St.George or Japan, you can meet with them in the comfort of a Salt Lake City office thanks to Avanti Executive Suites. Our video conferencing technology is giving businessmen the ability to conduct meetings with almost anyone across the globe. The time and money saved by video conferencing with Avanti make it an easy choice.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

Meeting with businessmen in other cities required horse carriages, trains, cars and planes, but now it simply requires a walk down the street. Video conferencing allows you to meet with anyone in the world right here in Salt Lake City. Your entire board or office staff can join in the conference and give their input to business partners across the sea. Conferencing by video is a cost effective method of communication that can be done frequently. Video conferences Services allow long distance communication to surpass email and phone calls, because multiple people can participate and talk as easily as in person. Video conferences allow regular meetings between long distance partners because they eliminate the time and expense of travel.

Advantages of Avanti

Avanti offers the lowest video conferencing prices in Salt Lake City for the highest quality services. You won’t need to break the bank to work with us, but your conference will still have all the quality you expect and need. Our state of the art equipment will give you a clear connection with the others in your video conference, and our screens and sound systems will help your meeting go smoothly. Avanti experts will help you set up for your video conference and offer you any technical assistance you need. When you choose to video conference through Avanti, you will have access to our beautiful conference rooms in Salt Lake City. Between our rooms in the Wells Fargo Center, West Broadway Tower and Woodland Tower, you are sure to find a conference room with easy access that will fit your meeting’s needs.

Schedule your Video Conference Room

Schedule your video conference with Avanti today. You can easily contact us by filling out the form on this site or emailing us at If you want to discuss your video conferencing needs with one of our representatives, you can reach us at 801-961-4000.


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