Rethink Coworking When You See These Statistics

Rethink Coworking When You See These Statistics

It is estimated that by 2020, about 40 percent of the workforce will consist of freelancers, independent contractors, and temporary staff. With the influx of these solopreneurs in the workforce, space will be needed to accommodate their needs.

While some of these workers will find space inside their home to do their work, many others will be looking for a work area outside of their home.

There is a popular option called coworking that people are starting to utilize in big numbers. A coworking space is unlike a traditional office in that it has people who work from entirely different organizations come and go every day. This working environment is a shared space where one can rent an area in a building to work or collaborate.

There are so many reasons people opt for coworking spaces rather than staying at home or be confined to a typical office setting. Deskmag conducted a survey that found coworking spaces are doubling every year. One of the top reasons people choose coworking spaces is because they want interactions with other people. Interactions with others is quite hard to come by when working home alone.

In addition to interaction with other people, those that choose coworking find flexible work times and knowledge sharing to be important factors when choosing a work from home space.

In the Deskmag survey results, it was found that there was a positive impact on workers since using coworking spaces. It was concluded that 75 percent of those that used coworking spaces felt less isolated, and were more engaged in their business network.

It’s not just the social aspect that is driving solopreneurs to coworking spaces. People are seeing a positive impact when it comes to their work. Productivity tends to increase dramatically in workers that utilize coworking spaces. They are also reporting higher incomes. According to a Wix and Officevibe survey, 64 percent of those who cowork are better able to complete tasks on time.

It was also discovered that 68 percent of those that work in coworking spaces are able to focus better, while 90 percent said they felt more confident when coworking.  Overall, 92 percent of the people surveyed were extremely satisfied with their co-working experience.

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